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OMGEE I got me a new phone!
February 25, 2008

So if you’re read my first entry, you’ll note that one of the sites I mentioned was
This site is an info site about 7 Eleven’s cell phone plan. So after reading the site and doing some research, I came to the conclusion that it provided the best plan and last week I had convinced the parentals to let me have a cell phone.

However, as luck would have it, they didn’t have the phone I wanted, and I was told they would have the phone I wanted in stock on Monday (today) but I gave them my number, and the clerk said he would let me know if they got it in early.
So today being Monday, my father decided to call them up, just to see if there had been any updates, and when he came to pick me up from school, all I see is the cell phone box on the seat. :O

The phone is a Nokia 1600, pretty basic phone, however I’m not a very fancy person, I have a camera, so I don’t need a cam phone, and I’m getting a (Product)red iPod shuffle sent to me sometime in March, so I do not need mp3 capabilities.
Anyways, I’m super excited, my own phone, WHOOPEE!


Oh Look! It’s P0-kash!
February 22, 2008

Why hello there, I’m just started blogging, and this would be my first entry.
This is my very first blog, made on Friday, February 22nd, 2008 at approximately 4:14pm EST. I decided to make this blog because I want to make it into a full-on website later on. And maybe it could become the next Google… but way cooler. 😀 Well, that is my goal, but even Google had to start from somewhere, so here’s my start. Hope you’ll stick around to see my improvement.

My inspiration for making a blog came from     So you should definitely check those sites out.